phpGrid Oracle Demo (Requires Oracle on "*LOCAL")

Sample phpGrid DB2 connection setting values in conf.php.

  define('PHPGRID_DB_USERNAME', '');
  define('PHPGRID_DB_PASSWORD', '');
  define('PHPGRID_DB_NAME', 'SAMPLE');
  define('PHPGRID_DB_TYPE', 'db2');
  define('PHPGRID_DB_OPTIONS', serialize(array('i5_lib' => 'SAMPLE', 'i5_naming' => DB2_I5_NAMING_ON)));

PHPGRID_DB_HOSTNAME is the name of the host. PHPGRID_DB_USERNAME is the database user name PHPGRID_DB_PASSWORD is the database user password. PHPGRID_DB_NAME is the database/schema name PHPGRID_DB_TYPE can be one of the two following values:

PHPGRID_DB_OPTIONS is the options parameter from db2_connect(). This value is optional.

PHPGRID_ERROR: Table 'phpgridc_sampledb.COURSE' doesn't exist